What’s up guys! Here is a page about me so you guys can get to know a little more about who I am and what I do.

It all started when I was 14 years old. My friend Seb showed me a youtube video of a freerunner (Oleg Vorslav). Later, we were in my backyard doing tricks on my trampoline and I was doing flips off my tramp onto the grass. He then suggested that I try one off of my deck. I tried it and landed it first shot! So, right after, we went to a near-by school and I did front flips everywhere! It was from that point on that I became addicted to free running.

After a few years of practicing parkour outside, I found gyms to train at. I still train in those gyms to this day in Ottawa. I started getting more and more into free running and doing it almost every day to the point where it took over most of my life. Then, I started attending University of Ottawa in a major in computer science and a minor in mathematics. About that time I also got an iPhone. I got an app for my phone that showed free running tricks and stuff and most of the names were inaccurate. So since I was learning programming in school, I decided to make my own app. That’s how the “Parkour Tutorials” app was born. I made them to help people learn new tricks.

In august 2011 I graduated from the International Stunt School in the pursuit of my life long dream of doing free running and stunts as a career! It was an amazing experience where I was taught by professionals such skills as : high falls, fire burns, rappels, fighting, stunt driving, and much more!

After all this I found a job working on iOS apps from home. This gives me the freedom to keep doing parkour and freerunning almost as much as I want. I still train almost on a daily basis after 9 years of parkour.