In 2011, I graduated from the International Stunt School. I was taught by professionals stunts such as :
– High Falls
– Fire Burns
– Rappelling
– Stunt Driving
– Armed Combat
– Unarmed Combat
– Air Ram
– Wire Work
– Stair Falls
– Ratchet

My specialities are parkour/freerunning related stunts but I am available to do more.
For additional information, or to receive my stunt resume, contact me at

Parkour and Freerunning Shows

My team and I have done many parkour/freerunning shows including the Markham fair, Jeux de la Francophonie, Outdoor & Adventure travel show, Bust-A-Move, and many more. A Parkour/Freerunning performance is just what you need to put some action and excitement into your event!
To learn more about our shows or pricing, please contact me at